Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Like to Fish. And So Do They.


I catched a big fish the fish was ginormous. My dad catched a ginormous turtle. It was a mean turtle. The wind was (unreadable and he couldn't remember what he wrote). And we went to the military.

The wind was wicked gusty. 


Today was really fun. We went fishing and then saw the Ft. Gibson National Cemetery. When we were fishing my dad caught a turtle and said "Stand back." "Yes sir," we said back. Clip, my dad clipped him off and it ran madly back to the water. Then I/my dad got a huge fish up to the bank then my dad had a fish and lost it and last my brother caught a fish couldn't get the hook off but my dad did and then we packed up and left. On the way back I asked my dad "Where is the national cemetery?" And then my dad took us. There were a lot of people who have fought for our country. Then we left, went home, and wrote this. Then ate lunch. The End. 

We do not have lounge chairs. 


I like to fish. 

Today I took our son and daughter out with me. The wind was terrible, and when we got to the pond I immediately regretted spending five dollars on minnows. But we soldiered on. 

The lines went in the water, and before long corks started going under. Akeeli did what Akeeli normally does, which is catch a lot of fish but then lose them at the bank. 

For the first time since we've started fishing, Aven caught more fish than anyone, and he was actually pulling them on the bank and taking them off, then throwing them back into the water. 

Then, my cork went under. As I reeled it in, I knew something felt wrong. I told the kids I thought I'd caught a turtle, and sure enough, I hauled an enormous "Tennessee Fightin' Turtle*" out of the water. The neck on this thing was longer than my leg and it. was. pissed. 

I told the kids to get back because it kept charging us, and I kept yanking it up in the air, making the relationship more difficult. I finally got my clippers, stretched it out as far as I could, and clipped the line, letting the thing run straight back into the water. 

In the meantime, Aven caught yet another fish. 

Then, Keeli's cork went straight under. Being a girl, and naturally predisposed to not paying attention, she didn't see it. 

"Keeli, your cork is gone." 

She set the hook and started reeling like crazy. 

"Dad, it's too big. You'll have to do it." 

I took the rod and to my surprise, she had a nice fish attached. Then it jumped. It was amazing. After a couple more minutes, I drug the fish onto the bank...and lost it. 

Then I told them about how to construct a "the one that got away" story. 

As we left, I sneezed about 600 times and my eyes swelled shut due to my "seasonal" allergies. I was dying. 

Not pretty y'all.

On the way home, Keeli asked me where the National Cemetery was in Fort Gibson. I asked if either of them had ever been, and they both said no. I figured then was as good a time as any for an object lesson, so I drove them out there. 

I told them how those people were the reason we could go fishing, go to church, and be free. I told them there were more people serving who were helping to protect those rights as well, including their Uncle Josh. 

As we drove out of the cemetery, Keeli looked at me and said, "We probably better go home, your eyes are watering from your allergies." 

Yeah. My allergies. Stupid allergies. 

I like to fish. I love our kids.