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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#Write30 Challenge (Day Six): Someone who fascinates me and why

So it's day six over here on the #Write30 Challenge and today I'm presented with a thinker: I have to name someone who fascinates me, and why.

There are lots of candidates, really. My children fascinate me, because they make extraordinarily bad decisions a good portion of the time, yet I still love them. Coach Mike Krzyzewski of the Duke Blue Devils fascinates me because he's amazing. My mom fascinates me because of her tenacity.

And really, tenacity is the word that turned me on to the person who fascinates me the most, my lovely wife Alicia.

You see, Alicia has been kicked pretty hard more than once. I'm sorry to say that some of those times have been by me, but not all of them have been. Life has thrown her some pretty tough situations, but it seems like whatever she goes through just makes her stronger.

"But Travis, that's what happens. When we go through things, we get stronger."

Untrue. Some break.

Have you all seen the picture of the Nagasaki Arch that's still standing after the atomic bomb, and the tsunami?

Please excuse that slight profanity.
Well, it turns out that picture is a fake, but I think it perfectly encapsulates my wife's tenacity. 

There are days when she falls apart. I've been there for a few of those. But what impresses me the most is that after a few hours, a few tears, and a few hugs, she's back to Alicia, back to raising three children who she made hers, back to babysitting a husband who has a penchant for saying the wrong thing at the right time, back to washing dishes and doing laundry and taking care of her family and grading papers and thinking of others and giving more of herself than she'll ever get back.

So yes, I took the easy way out today by telling you that my wife fascinates me.

But she does. And I love her. She's tough. She's kind. She's mean. She's gorgeous. She's battle-tested and time-worn. She's soft. She's my interpreter. She's my translator. She's probably pissed at me for doing this.

Alicia, you've fascinated me for fifteen years. Hopefully I'll get fifteen more.