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Friday, June 28, 2013

A Decade.

You got a fast car. I want a ticket to anywhere. Maybe we can make a deal, maybe together we can get somewhere. Any place is better, starting from zero, got nothing to lose. Maybe we'll make something, but me myself I got nothing to prove. 

"I do." 
A decade.

Let me just tell you what can happen in a decade. 

You laugh. You yell. You cry. You fight. You move into a terrible apartment, then get kicked out. You get pets you can't afford, then give them away. You build friendships, then watch them fade away. You burn your stomach trying to make pancakes. You have to borrow money from your parents. You experience the pain of watching the other one pack their things, then the joy of them not actually leaving. Your wife kicks a dudes butt for you. You join churches, then you leave them. You try to start a family, then one day you do. You quit jobs, then start new ones. You worry about money. You worry about sex. You worry about the kids and how dumb they act. You go to school, then you quit, then try the whole thing again. You get caught up in online gaming and have to be yanked to reality again. You buy cars you can't afford, then have them taken. You write a hot check hoping it won't get cashed until payday. You take vacations that are stressful, and then vacations that are incredibly relaxing. You deal with others who try to take your happiness. You deal with each other's issues. You realize how easy you had it with no responsibilities. You pack up one night and head to Kansas, Houston, or anywhere else you get a whim to go to. You win. You lose. You love. 

My first live Duke game. 

The Missus is not really great at gift-giving. Traditionally I have to tell her exactly what I want, or most always suffer a tinge of disappointment. Over the last week I've been thinking of the gifts we won't be able to get each other this year because we're broke, and I had a startling revelation. 

The Missus has given me ten years of her. 

Ten years of her life have been spent married to me. Ten years of babysitting me, laughing at/with me, and telling me time and time again, "We can't afford it." If not for her, I would not be a father, I would not be in school, and I would more than likely have died years ago in what the authorities would probably call an "accident." 

Turns out, The Missus is incredible at giving gifts. 

One of the first meals she made me. You can see why I'm fat. 

A few weeks ago my youngest brother sent me a text. He wanted advice on proposing to a girl. I asked him a couple of funny questions, and then this one:

"Can you imagine the rest of your life without her?"

I cannot for one second think about a life that doesn't involve The Missus. I've thought about what it might be like to lose her, and my brain just shuts down, it won't work. She has completely fabricated herself into every facet of my life, and I would not have it any other way. 

"Travis, put that down, you don't get cake yet." 
Here's the thing. I like to say I wouldn't change any decisions in my life, that I live with no regrets and no looking back. But that's a lie. Had I known what I know today, I would have done quite a few things differently to make her feel more special, to give her more support, and to show her how much I love her. 

And I'm sure I'll screw things up in the future. Screwing things up is kind of what I do. Forgiving me is kind of what makes her so special. Forgiving me is kind of what she does. 

10 years. And a bangin' bowtie. 
She's not perfect. She never answers her phone. She drives WAY too slow. She won't tell someone when she's mad at them. She doesn't like Mexican food as much as me. 

But she can deep fry the mouse or phone you're scrolling with and make you love it. She can light up a room with a smile and a comment. She laughs at my jokes. She laughs when I fart. She tells me I'm a good writer. She reads my blogs. She raises our children. She doesn't make fun of me for crying in movies. She kisses me when I come home from work. She lets me touch her boobies. She drives on Sundays even when I know she doesn't want to. She does my laundry and my dishes. She puts up with my whims, my obsessions, and my incessant need to try new things. 

She loves me. 

I love her. 

And here's to the next ten years. The next decade of Travis and Alicia Sloat. 

Young, stupid, happy. 
In a hundred years from now, I know without a doubt, they'll all look back and wonder how we made it work out. Chances are, we'll go down in history, when they want to see, how true love should be, they'll just look at us. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Memoir Monday: 7 Years.

(Hey y'all. This little thing is called Memoir Monday, and I'd be thrilled if you gave it a shot. Just jot down a story about yourself, grab my code down there, and I'll link you up to be read by all my wonderful blog buddies. The only rule? It has to be true. I am personally doing what I can to help cure your case of the Mondays. Thanks for playing along!)

7 years ago on this date I was driving 100 miles an hour down a little highway to a little church in a little town to participate in a little ceremony wherein The Missus would become my bride. I was 5 hours early, but I was afraid that unless I got there early, she would figure out that she really didn't want to marry me. There was a situation with cuff links, but I lifted some off of one of my groomsmen. 

As the doors to the back of the church opened, I finally realized that this was going to happen. Unbeknown to me, my father in law was telling my future bride that she really didn't have to do this, and if she wanted to change her mind, he'd go get the car and get her out of here. So started my wonderful relationship with my in-laws. 

As my glowing bride walked down the aisle, it became apparent that she was dealing with a few things. This was indicated by her spontaneously bursting into tears at about the midway point. This gravely concerned me, and when she paused briefly I was certain that I was finally waking up from a dream. Thankfully, she continued, and we were married. 

It's been a crazy 7 years, I've been just about the biggest idiot I can be, and she still loves me. I love her more than ever for so many reasons. 

Or the fact that this morning she sent me the following picture with the following caption on her way to work. 

"Idiots already."

 Or for the simple fact that she's sacrificed so much so that I could even be alive. Which brings us to our Memoir for the day. 

When we were engaged, I was invited to spend the week in Kentucky with some of her family. I've blogged about that, but it was one of those blogs where I found out that racism in Kentucky is not near as funny to y'all as it is to me. 

Anyholesinlinens, we were driving home from the great state and we were in Missouri. We had just come out of the Lou, and we were cruising along about 70 mile an hour. We were rolling by an on ramp when we both looked over and noticed a dump truck coming down the ramp way too fast to even consider merging. He didn't even look, y'all. Just barreled on down that ramp like he had a hot St. Louis annie and a speedball waitin on him down at the local Waffle House. 

My fiancée was driving, and I was busy reading the "Diesel Fuel Only" warning on this truck's gas tank. It was that close. We were boxed in. She was going to be in a wreck, she just had to decide who was going to get hit. She didn't even think, y'all. She jerked the wheel her direction and slammed her side of the car into the Ryder truck in the next lane over. The great thing about all of this? It took place on a bridge. 

The dump truck driver sped off, blissfully unaware of this encounter, his mind focused on Toothless Tami Jade and the meth that she always snorted off of his semi erect penis. We never did find out who was driving. Her car was totaled, but we were both fine, not a scratch on us. 

And when I re-enacted the accident a short while later with a water bottle, she laughed about it. 

The secret to a happy and fulfilling marriage? It's not finding a woman who will take it. It's finding a woman who will take it on her side and laugh about it later. 

I love you, Alicia. 

2 AM , I lie down deep in slumber,
Feelings are falling downward, I want to forget.
Waking up I hear the way your voice sounds,
My heart starts to pound now, to the rhythm of yours.
You're so angelic, words so symphonic,
Touch your lips to my soul, eat this sorrow away.
How am I so lucky I found you?
Sometimes I feel like I'm still dreaming,
Each day you're always on my mind.
This is how we stay, so connected,
Over space and time.    -Silverstein

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