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This Takes The Freaking Cake.

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Before reading this blog, go here. Read that. I’m serious, skim through it, get the gist, and come back. I’ll wait.

Back? Alright. Well, I’ve had enough of this crap. Halo Killer? Sweet Lord. They are saying that after an injury he played as much as 18 hours a day, and couldn’t distinguish reality from fantasy. In other words, he thought that when he shot his mother and father, they would respawn across the map from him in blue suits and come back with a couple of maulers and vengeance on the brain.
Kill this kid. He’s 17, and I don’t care. Kill him. I’m callin BS on the whole “violent video game” syndrome. He knew what he was doing, and he was pissed off because mommy and daddy cut his gaming time down to size. My mother does this to my brothers at least once a month, and they play for 18 hour stretches occaisonally. Do they load up a gun and shoot her? Absolutely not. Why? Because they aren’t effin retarded. But don’t give me that insanity stuff.
His punishment? 23 years to life. Meaning he’ll get out in 10 or so for “good behavior.” His mother? In the ground. His father? Wounded (but supporting his son in trial) and widowed at the age of 45. Folks, I’m going to say it again. This kid should be executed. Heck, lets do it Halo style. Put a “sticky” on him, and watch the fireworks. He shot them both in the head, then altered the scene to make it look like murder suicide. Is that in Halo? Cause it wasn’t when I played. The only way the scene was altered when I played was to teabag the mess outta whoever I’d just shot. Oh, and I ususally threw a small party, because I didn’t kill people often. This usually resulted in me being shot myself.
“His addiction was so strong, was running rampant in a tired, exhausted young man, that anybody or anything that stood between him playing the video game and not having his way was in peril,” Kersey said of Petric’s state of mind during the killings.
I’ve got some super glue. Does anyone have a grenade? Let’s go get in between that exhausted, poor, emotionally damaged and tired young man and his video game.