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You Get To Meet The Missus!

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I was layin around in my underwear the other night, and I had an idea. My idea was this: I have some followers now, real close to 50. In other words, my shit has kinda blown up. This tickles me in a way that is best left for you not to hear…ever. So I thought that I could let y’all meet the lady that I call The Missus. I thought, “I could take questions, then I could let her answer them.” A lot like Tamara’s thing she has going on that brought a large portion of you to my little slice of Internet. So I asked her about it.

“Do I have to type a blog?”

“No, just answer some questions.”


You see how thrilled she is?!?!?

So here’s the deal, folks. Next Friday, y’all get to Meet The Missus! From now until Wednesday, I’m going to be fielding any questions that you might have for the woman that was lucky enough to snag this hunk of…well…yeah, I don’t know.

I’d like to set up a few guidelines, if you will.

1. Please refrain from asking her why she doesn’t just divorce me for another man. I really don’t need her thinking about this.

2. Try not to ask any…ahem…sexual questions. I’ll just tell you here that I am a beast in the bedroom. That is all.*

3. Other than those, there are no rules. I will be choosing the 10 best questions and also asking her to pick her favorite couple of blogs. I’ll have it all ready to go next Friday, and you can all Meet The Missus!

One more thing, please don’t beg and plead her to get a blog. She isn’t going to do that. She’s a very busy lady, and she simply doesn’t have the time right now. She’s got about 11 weeks of school interning left, and she gets to be a teacher!!! I’m so proud of her!!!

Please send all of your questions to tstyles77 at gmail dot com. See what you do there? You just replace the at with @, and the dot with . and you’ll be all set up to go. Feel free to submit more than one question, and if you do, please tell me the question you’d like to have first considered for asking. Also, please tell me the name that you’d like to have yourself identified with as well as a link to your site/blog, so that I can link you to the question. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!!

*The phrase “That is all,” is actually what is said by me quite frequently in the sack. Sigh. I’m so embarrassed.