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All Good Things… Wait. What?

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Yeah, don’t worry. I’m not quitting.

Sadly though, is done.




To give you an analogy, it’s out like fairness at a Nobel Nominations meeting.

That’s real.

I just could not figure that shiz out. It was the lamest kind of lame. I got wicked worked up about it, and let’s be honest. Being as big as I am, and having high blood anyway, I can’t afford to get worked up about much more than what I already do.


Pay your last respects here, folks. Leave a comment expressing how much it meant to you in that brief time it was alive.

I love you all. Have a great weekend. My 100th post will be on Tuesday, and it looks like there is gonna be a roast. If you’d like to roast me, send an email to tstyles77atgmaildotcom. But you know, take out the at and put an @ and then put a . where dot is. Y’all know what you’re doing. Anyway, hit me up if it’s something you wanna do.

I will also be creating and giving out awards to my readers!

(Start sending me promise of sexual favors now, and you might get one.)