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Conversations With Kid Funk.

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(sends me picture of magazine with Edward from Twilight on the cover)

KF: That’s an entire mag about Twilight.
Me: Geez. I like it, and yeah I know I’m gay, but I don’t like it enough to buy a magazine about it.
KF: Yep. Stupid. 27 pages are just Edward Cullen pictures.
Me: I like him better than I like that damn werewolf. Vampires are way cooler.
KF: Not even a werewolf… Just a native that wants to be a dog.
Me: Yep. Just a shapeshifter. Shoulda shifted into a vampire.
KF: Or something cool. A wolf? Not cool.
Me: Have you seen the preview? Not even a cool wolf. Like a damn German Shepherd. Wait. A German Shepherd is cool.
KF: Eh. I’d change into a lion or a bear. A Kodiak Grizzly will kill you and eat your camp supplies.
Me: Damn right it will. Might even kill a vampire.
Me: Wait. Naw, I think one of em like to kill bears for fun. The big one.

Also… Presenting…

TA DA!!!!!!!

Seriously. Go check that out. I bought a website. After 2 days of working in Dreamweaver, and 2 hours total of tech support, that’s what I have on it. Go look.