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In All Honesty, By Clicking This, You’re Just Wasting Time…

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So the other day it rained hard.

I was stuck in a room with a bunch of bad kids that were in trouble, and I just heard the rain, I didn’t see how hard it was coming down or anything. I was pretty much chasing y’all around blogland. However, when I got out of school, I was pretty surprised to see that most of the land around the school was flooded pretty bad. Since I have not grown up at all, and since I still love to play in puddles, this was cool for me. I like to just drive through them, to see how big of splash I can make. Yeah, yeah, I know I can tear my truck up doing that. But still. It’s fun.

While driving to my madres house, I saw something worthy of shooting in a video. I’ve provided you with said video, and I will give you a warning.

By clicking on play, you completely agree to give me 23 seconds of your life that you will never get back. Travis is in no way liable for the things you could have done in this 23 seconds, such as: read a blog that might mean something, brush your teeth, or completely humiliate yourself in the bedroom. Furthermore, by viewing this video, you accept all risks that come with the viewing which may include, extreme apathy, disappointment, an actual decrease in intelligence, and diarrhea.

Told you it was a waste of time.

Tomorrow will start the writing of NaNo, and I’m wicked excited. I have to place a call to Frannie, WY today to talk to someone about their lovely little town, and get some information on it. Should make for an interesting couple of minutes. I may blog about it. The NaNo pic on the right side of my blog up there is a link to my word count progress. I will probably update it a couple times a week. If you click on it, it will tell you how many words I’ve gotten so far! You can use this information to mock encourage me throughout the month.

Oh yeah, this is not the only video I have posted on YouTube. You can go find the other one if you want. It should give you plenty of reasons to laugh at me.

Enjoy your weekend, and I love you all.

That’s real.