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I Now Present…Chapter 4 Of My Novel.

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Welcome one and all to a World Premier!

Yeah. Not really, because I posted it on the NaNo site. Yeah. You know that button I talked about that links you to my page there and my progress so you could cheer me on? Yeah… One of us is a douchebag and didn’t go look, huh?


Anyway, no worries, because I’m going to let my blog readers see the entire Chapter 4 of my as of yet untitled masterpiece!

Without further ado…

Chapter 4
Dreams. That’s really all she knew. Her world consisted of bright patterns, lucid colors, and geometric shapes that would make any humans mind explode with new knowledge. The clarity of these visions sometimes suffered, and she knew that at those points she was close to death, but they always sharpened up, and in that she knew that she was healing. Slowly, but surely, she was healing.
At the very tip of her mind, she heard a noise. She summoned all the strength she had, which wasn’t much, and she opened her eyes. Not the eyes on her suit, for those stayed open constantly. She opened the eyes inside her suit. She couldn’t tell who or what it was, but she thought it looked human. He was reaching for her. She gave every last bit of power she had left into making some sort of gesture or word to acknowledge the stranger. She made no sound, no movement.
She slept.

There you have it! Feel free to tell me what you think of this incredibly in-depth look of my book I gave you!

Love you guys, even when I blow up.

The Author