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I Present: The Answer.

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So yeah… Here is the answer to the Can You Pick The Lie thing that I posted yesterday.

First statement: The younger brother thing. Well, the answer is kind of in my sidebar, and it’s also on this post

Second statement: The fish thing. I have done this. It’s been a long time ago, but I was with my dad, and we both caught around 150 sandbass. If you know what kind of fish I’m talking about, you know it’s possible.

Third statement: The poker thing. This is the lie. I’ve never been dealt a royal flush. Ever. So lame. If I had it dealt, I’d probably shit myself, thus ruining any bets I could possibly ever hope to make.

Fourth statement: The MVP thing. This is the truth. You can go here and see that post.

Fifth statement: The proposal. Yeah, I did it that way. There is a blog behind it though.

Come on people, at one point and time I’ve given you all the answers to these! Pay attention!

Props to the one person that got it right!

Erin M over at The Mother Load! 

You don’t know it yet, but you’re gonna go follow her…