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I Scribble With My Brain!



Ever since I’ve started this bish, there has been an award floating around out there that I’ve wanted. It is the Superior Scribbler Award.

Don’t ask me why I’ve wanted it, I just always have. Maybe it appeals to the 4 year old in me.

Yeah, I ate a 4 year old. It was hamburger day in the cafeteria, and I got mad cause he cut in line.

My blood sugar is way off track.

4 year olds are sugary and hell on blood sugar levels. Everyone knows that.

I’ve taken a shot. I should be okay.

Somewhere in there, I’ve really digressed.

Anyway, I finally got the award!

Jeanette over at Bombshell Bliss gave it to me! Click on that link before I give my acceptance speech. Go check her out! She’s a lady!

Anyway, here it is.


That’s right. Suck it.

I’d really like to thank all my fans, and….wait….hang on…who’s coming up here??? Is that? Is that Ed?

Aww… Dammit Ed!

Anyway, this sumbitch came with some rules. I’m gonna follow them, but only because I promised. The people that I give it to, however, are hereby released from these rules. Sorry about that, Jeanette. You know I love ya.

Here goes.

I’ve gotta give it to five of you glorious bastards. (I’m doing six, on account of Ed being a good sport AND a funny guy)

I’ve gotta link the wonderful lady that gave it to me!

I’ve gotta display it on my blog.

I’ve gotta post the rules on my blog.

and, I’ve gotta post a naked picture of myself on here as well.

I’m sorry folks. I don’t make these rules up.

Actually, I kinda made one of them up. The one about giving it to five people. The rest are true. Scouts honor.

Not really.

I’m not showing you my penis. I make you people laugh enough as it is.

The six I’m giving it to, in no particular order, is…………….

First I’m going to give it to Ed over at Ed’s Funny Pages for being a good sport and letting me use his picture. He’s a great guy, and you should go check him out. I know our following is  practically the same, but yeah. Go do it!

Lily over at Tapdancing in the Dark. I don’t know if y’all have been over there or not, but that lady makes it rain. Word style. She is the only person I know of besides me that will post conversations her animals have. She keeps it real. Check that shiz out.

Daffy over at Batcrap Crazy. What can I say about her that hasn’t been said in a really terrible rap song. Ya know? She’s a funny chick, and she talks to me lots.

Lauren over at (Mis)Adventures in Theatre. Yeah, that’s right. She spells that shit the classy way. You gotta problem with it? Go see her. She lives in Montana. Long ass drive.

Jeff over at This Is Why Your Hold Time Is So Long. Jeff is remodeling his bathroom right now, and he needs all the support he can get. He’s also a fellow NaNo participant, and for sure, he’s strugglin more than me trying to fit into emo pants. That’s real. Go send him some lovin.

Erin over at The Mother Load. She’s a jew, and I’m German. I really feel it’s the least I can do, ya know? Erin, I really didn’t mean any hard feelings. I wasn’t really even thought of yet, so I can’t take all the blame, but hey, we’re apologizing to the Indians, right?

So yeah, there ya have it.

Thank you Jeanette!!!

P.S. I fully expect to be the recipient of an ass chewing over me not giving it to someone. I just want to say in advance that I’m sorry, and I love you. Seriously. I do. Like, a lot. If you didn’t get it, it’s because I tried to give it to people who I didn’t think had gotten this particular award yet. Now, I may not have been correct in that. So listen. I love you. The Missus loves you. My gay ass emo dog Poo loves you. My fish, Brookly, Fatty, Doc, Irwin Linker, Luke and Anakin love you. My two snails love you. The birds that I sometimes set out seed for love you. I’ve talked to them all, and it’s the truth.