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I’m Totally Stealing, But I Asked First.



We all know Mooooooooooooog over at Mental Poo, right?

Come on now, I know we might all be a bit embarrassed about it. But we do. And we love him.

Sometimes, we even dream about him. His short, powerful body as he squeezes it into a child’s size karate outfit…


Fantasy juice.

He’ll get that. You won’t.

Anyway, I am totally using his idea for Motivational Poster Friday. He apparently made this thing up, and I guess there is someone else using the idea named Mike, and he is not giving our boy any credit. This guy Mike is a doucher. Someone should find his site and go tell him he’s gay.

*raises hand*

“Yes Mr. Sloat?”

“I have the site right here.”

“You do? Would you share it with the class please?”

“I sure will. Just click HERE!”

Anyway, here’s my first one.


In Mooooooog’s words, click to enlarge. (twss)

Don’t you like it? I think I did good. I made it over at Big Huge Labs, just like our boy.

In case you don’t get it, I’ll tell ya.

(It’s cause if you knew Spanish, you could totally tell them to touch your wiener. But you don’t know Spanish, because you spent those two years of classes totally trying to see down your cousins shirt. Wait. That was French. Either way, really.)

I may or may not make a habit of this.

I’m out like a hymen on prom night.