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Lie To Someone Who Understands, Please.

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I was watching that show, “Lie To Me” last night. Yeah, I know it doesn’t come on Tuesday nights, or maybe it does, and now that I think of it, I should have totally been watching “V.” Did anyone see that? Was it any good?

AnyV, I was watching last weeks episode of Lie To Me. I DVR’d it, because it looked pretty good.

It hurt my brain.

I thought I was following it pretty well. This guy is pretty salty at cards because he knows when they’re bluffin, he’s got an English buddy who’s always in trouble, he’s English as well, (I didn’t know Tim Roth was a Brit, really) these other people like to pick on school kids, FBI, etc. Got it. It was all absorbed into my brain much the way food gets absorbed into my mouth. Quickly. And I don’t know about you, but I just wanted to sing “Poker Face” through the whole thing. Damn you, Lady Gaga, and your maybe penis.

In other words, it was all good.

Then this show got twisted up worse than the apron strings of a Catholic mother who’s 27 children are all home on a snow day.

I don’t even really remember how it all went down, but I instantly got a headache. One second, I thought the guy was dead, but I knew they wouldn’t kill the lead character, and PLUS we all know that Tim Roth wouldn’t go out like no bitch, right? I mean, geez. It’s Tim Roth. Anyroth, it got weird. Fast. My head still hurts as of 7:30 this morning. I’m gonna have to take an ibuprofen just to make it through the morning hours of class.

Lie To Me? Not for me, thanks.

Along the same lines, they could have made the whole show less than 30 seconds long. And really that just depends on how long it took the person to lie. Want to know how? Of course you do. Just get everyone of our mothers on the show. Wouldn’t even need a commercial break.

“What happened?”
“Well, Me and Jimmy were…”
“Yeah. He’s lying. Next?”

Cut to credits, show’s over, let’s watch some American Idol. (you know you love American Idol)

Am I wrong?

This brings me to my Would You Rather for the day.

Would you rather get shot


get stabbed?

You’ll survive both, but your mother-in-law is the one that has to deliver the punishment. If you aren’t married, just put yourself in any sitcom situation that involves MIL’s. They’re all really accurate. Things to consider: How much damage will each weapon do? Are you more afraid of knives or guns?  Would your MIL make it more or less painful?

There ya have it, folks.

Have a happy Hump Day! (that means GET YA SOME!)