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In Which I Ask For A Bit Of Your Saturday…

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Hey folks.

I’m gonna level with you.

Someone doesn’t like me.


No no, seriously.

That video I posted a while back about the Christmas Parade in my hometown? Well folks, it seems that it’s not been well received by everyone in the little town.

As I was working this evening, a message came in on my BB that I had a new comment on youtube. “YAY!” Is what I thought. Then I read it. I’ve taken the liberty of giving you what it said. I’m going to paste it up in UNC Blue, because we all know that it is cowardly and gay.

Everybody knows Travis Sloat’s super sized fat ass made this. The next time he is eating (which should be every other 30 minutes) maybe he should remember who he works for and all of the people in this town that he has screwed over. Instead of opening his big mouth to trash our small town maybe he should just do what he is used to and shove a few cheeseburgers in it instead. Merry Christmas.

So yeah. Someone named “WarVeteran09” who is 36 years old and maybe lives in Okay, America, isn’t real happy with me right now. I love how he chooses the anonymity of the internets to post his hate. Also, and I don’t know if y’all know this or not, but I’m fat. I just wanted to clear that up. Don’t cheeseburgers sound good?

Here’s what I’m asking of you, my blog battalion. I’m asking you to click on the link below, and go comment back to this bastard. I want you to make him wish he’d never been so cowardly. I want you to tell him what you think of him, really, without holding back. I want you to give him…

…the bidness.

I’ve disabled comments on this post, because I really want them all to go on this video. Please don’t let me down here, folks. I need ya. Spread this around a bit. Let’s try to get a thing going here. It’s like a petition, only for my ego and pride.

Go Here For The Video.

And I’m gonna say this in advance,

I love you guys. And thanks.

P.S. I am currently working on a response video for this. It. Will. Be. Epic.