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Lah Dee Dah Soaps, And How They’ve Changed My Life.

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“Hey, if you send me some free shit, I’ll do a review of it.”

That’s how it started.

It’s now 11 PM at night, and I am currently having to ship my WMM project file to God only knows where in Montana, where it is being edited as I type this, so maybe I can get this post up by Monday.

I want to give a shout out to Lauren for helping me out with that.

On to the soap.

Lee the Hotflash Queen over at Triple H makes this personalized soap.

I got it in the mail the other day, and I have to say, I was not disappointed when I smelled my mailbox.

Yeah, I smell my mailbox.

Call it what you will, but when I sniff out the bomb that someone sends me, y’all will be calling me a hero.

Anysniff, I made a commercial. Here it is, in all it’s hard to make glory.

This stuff is great.

You can go right HERE to order.

Again, that’s right HERE

And yeah, I’ll do it again, because this lady paid for some advertising. So go right HERE for the soap.

It is very reasonably priced, it smells great, and yeah Moog, it doesn’t chaff when you rub one out. Also, I think that if you were in prison, and you dropped this soap, it would lead to less ass raping for you. The reason for that is, if you drop it, you don’t have to go on looking for it in a bent over position while it gets mixed up with the soap of the people who drop theirs on purpose. Since it’s personalized, someone can just return it to you at a later time, hopefully fully clothed. So really, that’s win win.

Mine says “Gone Fishing” on it, and she did it in a bunch of different fonts! And I’ve got to tell you, it looked really happy when I actually took it fishing. It was considerably less happy washing my butt crack. However, it really sucked at fishing, but was good at the other. So there you have it.


P.S. Memoir Monday has been moved to Tuesday for me. If you do one, I’ll link it tomorrow. Sorry for the trouble!