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Some Changes.

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You might have noticed some changes around here.

Well, I like them.

You may tell me what you think.

However, iffen it’s negative, you can take your suggestion, wad it up into a tight little ball, and…

I digress.

So yeah, it’s my winter theme. I’ll probably change that shiz in the spring.

Also, some of you may remember a while back, me posting a tweet and a FB status update about me beating the gas pump at Wal-Mart by letting it wonder whether or not I wanted a receipt. Well, tonight it got it’s revenge.

As I was walking by the pump to go pay for my gas, I heard Edwards voice from Twilight.

I don’t mind tellin ya, I almost stopped dropped and rolled. It sounded like he was right behind me, and he was speaking in that sad, emo monotone he always uses. Sure that I was about to become his first human meal in ages, I kind of panicked a bit, maybe even ducked, before I realized that his voice was coming from the same exact TV that keeps offering me 7 cents a gallon off of gas if I just add $897 worth of fuel saving additive.

So yeah…

My war with this machine continues. I will win.

I’ll be back with a tear jerking post tomorrow. Shit will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Kind of like you did anytime President Bush talked. You’ll love it. I won’t even have to type much. It’ll just be a picture, and that will be all it takes. And no, it won’t be me naked.

Also, there has been some talk about me doing a rap vlog. I am thinking about this. Let me know if you would like to see it!