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Y’all Roll Hard. That’s Real.

Icon18 Wrench Allbkg

Well, I asked my readers to come support me, and I currently have a call in to Vicky’s Secret to market your support as the best damn bra ever.
That’s real.

You remember that contest I asked you to go vote for me on?

I won. That’s right. I won.

It wasn’t a clean victory. I wanted to keep it honest, then it got hairy, and I had to call y’all in.

That’s like twice in a week.

And twice in a week, y’all have kept it real.

I was wicked excited about that, until I remembered the deal I made with y’all.


I’m effed.

Anyway, I guess I owe you.

Here’s how that’s gonna work.

Starting today, and lasting until, say, next Wednesday, I’m gonna take suggestions  for what you guys think I should do in my video. When I’ve collected the suggestions, you’re gonna vote for the best ones. The winner of that? That’s what I do.

I’d ask you to play nice, but I know that’s not going to happen.

On a positive note, with the 50 extra dollars, I’m going to be able to film myself with a BRAND NEW VIDEO CAMERA! FTW!

Let me have it, folks.