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My Very First Giveaway. I Love Lamp.



Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?

Hell yes I started a giveaway post with an Anchorman quote.

Anyway, these folks over at stores decided my blog was just right for one of these giveaway things I’m always hearing about and sometimes try to win. They gave me the choice between taking something myself and doing a review, or letting y’all try to win something. Being the unselfish guy I am, I chose to let you win something.

The Missus is PISSED.

You see, she wanted some tables, and now she’s not getting those tables. You are getting a lamp instead. But before I go linking anything, I have to link this first.

How many of you could really use some track lighting fixtures?

Just raise your hands, then put them back down on your mouse and click that link. They’ll get you all fixed up.

So anyway, on to my giveaway.

I’m going to give you this lamp.

Here are the rules.
You are going to get one entry per comment on this post. You can submit multiple comments.
You will get 2 entries for following my blog.
You will also get 1 entry if you follow me on Twitter @tstyles77
If the comments go over 100, the person with the 100th comment will get 5 entries.
If you blog about this post and link it to mine, you’ll receive 5 entries.
Be sure you let me know in the comments that you followed me on Twitter and what your Twat name is. If you blog about the giveaway, then post the link in the comments. I won’t cap the number of entries you can receive! Blow me up, blog bitches!
The winner will be chosen from a random number generator site next Thursday, and I’ll announce the winner next Friday.
That’s like a $50 lamp, y’all. Who knows, maybe it will lead you down the path of well lit-ness? Or it could one day let you read a book by me if I ever get one published. Or you could cover it with a soft pink sheet and seduce your lover for a night of marathon love making. The possibilities are endless.
Actually, I don’t recommend that. I recommend NOT putting pink stuff on lamps. I knew a guy, his nickname was “Crispy.”
Wow. I’ve turned this giveaway post into a post about sex and burn victims. Who knew?
What I do recommend? Gettin busy with the entries.