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100 Words: Glory Days.

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I got this idea from Sal over at You. Me. No adult supervision. If you aren’t reading her blog, you should be. Obviously these words don’t count towards my 100. So shut it. 

There were 3 seconds left on the clock, we were down by one. The time out was over; the play had been drawn up. I needed to be positioned under the basket, acting like I didn’t want the ball.
The truth was, I didn’t want the ball. Responsibility loomed, an eerie dark figure in the shadows.
But I got it.
0:03 the ball is inbounded.
0:02 the point guard looks up and sees me, wide open. The pass flies through the air.
0:01 I grab the ball, turn around, and put the ball on the glass.
0:00 it goes in.