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#Write30 Challenge (Day Sixteen): Bullet your entire day

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I’m not going to lie, this has probably been my favorite one so far. There’s not much in the way of introducing this, so here you go, my day.

  • Woke up at 6:45. Way too early. Time change has me twisted
  • Pooped
  • Fixed toilet for children. Told wife we needed new innards for toilet
  • Put a customized shotgun on three gun sale sites
  • Got ready for Keeli’s soccer game. Still haven’t had coffee
  • Got told my shotgun had a “redneck paint job”
  • Aven found fourteen eggs in the coop
  • Tried to get Siri to remind me to bullet every fifteen minutes, prompting my daughter to ask what bulleting meant
  • Watched Akeeli and Drake do the “Watch me whip, watch me waddle” dance
  • Took meds at 8 a.m., one bottle was empty, and I made a behind the back toss into the trash can with it while no one was watching, I’ve still got it
  • Got breakfast at McDonald’s
  • Went to soccer game. Ugh


  • During halftime of the game, came across this quote: “If actions speak louder than words, then writing speaks louder than both – for writing is the action by which words are manifested.” – Jake Weidmann
  • Left soccer game. Only lost by one point.
  • Went to the hardware store, got stuff for a new chicken feeder. Also got bones for the dogs
  • Came home and Aven and I successfully built a new chicken feeder, first try, I’m still blown away. First thing Aven and I have done in a while that we haven’t fought about.


  • While I was building the coop, I had a hater on Instagram throw some shade and try to start some beef. I sat for a while deciding on how to verbally eviscerate her, then deleted and blocked her from all social networks (probably the thing I’m most proud of today)
  • Rested for a minute then showered
  • Got out of the shower, dressed, then Drake decided to hit me with some sort of fabric whip thing, so I chased him down and hit him back. He learned a valuable lesson.
  • Left the house to go to my brother’s, had a fight with Alicia on the way about guns and money
  • Got to my brother’s house early.
  • Poured my grandfather and I a couple fingers of Jameson
  • Griped about eating for the next two hours
  • Texted Kinman for a while, and I was thankful for that
  • Family finally all arrived and I got to eat!
  • Played catch up with a cousin I haven’t seen in a couple of years
  • Watched OSU beat the brakes off TCU
  • Watched mom set up “Minute to win it” games on the deck
  • Watched a few family members play with a cutie on my lap
Miss Hensley Grace
  • Participated in the games, only won one, you stacked pencils on the back of your hand then caught them, proud to say I’ve still got it
  • Left too early, but had to get home and study my lesson for tomorrow
  • Got home
  • Studied for my lesson and watched a gun deal fall through, so I changed clothes
  • Found the ASL video for Adele’s “Hello” which led me to watch that video no less than twenty times

Hello – Adele ASL Interpretation from Molly Lou Bartholomew on Vimeo

  • Finally picked up my laptop and blogged
  • Told the kids goodnight whilst blogging, you’re taking time from them now, feel good about yourself?