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Sunburns, hang ups, and paper mouths

I had a happy moment today.

I turned from my truck to go get a basket of fish from the lake — fish that we’d spent all morning catching — and there was Drake, lugging the basket towards me, grinning like only he does, dropping them, switching hands, doing the whole “this is too hard but I’m going to act tough” routine.

It wasn’t much, just seven crappie and a flathead catfish. But we’d just spent four hours fishing. Not once did I hear him or Aven gripe, they didn’t fight, and in fact, they both pulled fish out of the water, kept a couple, and threw some back.

Aven has picked up my habit of kissing largemouths before throwing them back in the water.

Drake has learned what to watch for when a fish takes a cork under.

I am spending time talking with my father-in-law…time that I wish I had spent with him years ago.

Things are hit and miss around here right now.

But today…

…Drake lugging that fish basket;

…Aven walking our leftover minnows down to another family on the bank;

…John saying he was proud of them both for how they’d fished;

…I had a happy moment today.