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You might have noticed that I’m starting to live life a little differently. The Missus claims I’m having a mid-life crisis. This could very well be the case, seeing as men in my family rarely live past the age of 40. However, I just think it has to do with me realizing that I was NOT happy living the way I was living.
Don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty sweet life. Married to the woman of my dreams, good job, decent vehicles, food on the table, and even a Netflix account.
But I started feeling a little TOO comfortable.
So I started Tae Kwon Do. I fought for the first time in my life. I got on stage at a comedy club and gave open mic night a shot. I’ve started trying to push myself into doing things I wouldn’t normally do.
Sometime in the very near future, I’M GOING TO RIDE A BULL.
However, there is one thing that The Missus and I have talked about doing for a long time, and now the time has finally come. You see, most of you know about our fertility issues and what not. If you don’t, ask someone else, don’t ask me, because I’m tired of answering questions. We went to a fertility doctor recently, and just for the bare minimum amount of treatment, (a $10 prescription) it would cost around $1000 a month. We just don’t really have that kind of cheddar laying around, and if we did, I’d probably be eating it, because hey. It’s CHEESE.
So…drumroll please…
We’re going to adopt a child. That’s right, this big guy’s going to be a dad. We got the paperwork from DHS all filled out and turned in, and right now we’re just waiting to go from there. We have references lined up that will hopefully tell everyone how wonderful we are and how big my heart is, and hopefully not that the doctors call that big heart “enlarged.” If The Missus gets knocked up afterwards, all you people who said, “Just adopt, you’ll get pregnant,” will get to say that you’re right, and then you get to move in with us and be our housekeeper/babysitter.
We’re making life decisions at the Sloat house, and we’re stepping outside of our comfort zone to do it. So I have a question for you. What are YOU doing to step outside of your comfort zone? I’m not suggesting that everyone go out and ride a bull or adopt a child. But what have you wanted to do for a long time but never had the guts to try? Why aren’t you doing it? Just about everyone of us can fulfill a dream without being careless, so why won’t you try? The payoff is amazing, and you might just find yourself looking at that boring life of yours with a new vim and vigor.
And you better believe I’ll blog about riding that bull.
Oh. And the kid.

…for this week.

The only one I see though is Ally over at Two Normal Moms

Head on over to read her Memoir Monday, and I’ll be back to blogging when I feel like it.

It got to the point where my blog life was more stressful than real life, and that shit isn’t going to fly.

I got 99 problems but a blog ain’t one. That’s real.

I’m out.

(***Update: I didn’t friggin hit Save Changes. That’s why it hasn’t changed so much. Also, Ad, I love you too. I promise.)

Ed over at Ed’s Funny Pages has been bitching at me to get a new comment system so he can leave comments on my blog whilst he is at work.

I’ve done it, Ed!

I also took out the word verification, but if I get spammed, so help me I will drag you all out into the street and beat you with a sack of oranges and a copy of The King James version of the Bible.

That’s real.

For serious though, check it out, and let me know your thoughts. Is it easier? Is it harder? (TWSS)

Iffen I get mixed feelings, we may even have to have a good ol fashioned rigged election.

I’m just sayin. Ed leaves funny comments, and his vote may carry a lot of weight. Kind of like my torso.

Sleep easy, y’all.

(Except you, Zan. Geez. Always commenting in the middle of the night. Whaddaya live on the other side of the world or somethin?)

Zan: I’m totally kidding. I love you. Let’s get married.

The Missus: I’m totally kidding about marrying her. I love only you.

Zan: I’m totally kidding with The Missus. You’re the only one for me.

The Missus: Naw baby, you know I just love you. Just tryna make my readers feel good. Aww… Baby, don’t be like that. Come here. I want to lick your ears. Just like we used to. Atta girl… Don’t it feel so right? Geez. They’re still reading this? Baby, close the door. I’ve got the Boyz 2 Men CD. We may make it to the second track tonight. I’m feelin it. That’s real.