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Day Two…

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Today was worse.

It started with a girl in training that could NOT stop coughing. And she was sitting right next to me. Get a cough drop, lady. Did I mention I am in training with ALL girls? Yeah. Thank goodness I got in a week and a half late. These girls are nasty. Not look ugly nasty, or bad hygiene nasty, but dirty freakin minds in gutters of innuendo nasty. At one point, they were discussing things you can do to your sheets to help dry up the wet spot. (I want to apologize for even posting that, and at this moment, I’m blushing feverishly.) Seriously ladies? Can we act like ladies? I was the only dude in the room, and for sure, I just kind of stared straight ahead like Mel Gibson right before his head comes off in Braveheart. I know that if I had looked at one of em during that conversation, I’d have been accused of more sexual harassment than Bill Clinton at a church social for old ladies.
Also, I work with a gay guy. There is nothing really wrong that in and of itself, other than boning dudes. Thats not really that cool. Not to me anyway. But my point is, why do gay people always walk so fast? This guy passed me like I was driving a Big Wheel at Daytona. I got nothin.
Anyway, I go back in at 10. I get to stand by a grill and ask people if they wanna try my sausage. Seriously. I’m not joking. It’s something called “pamper day” for our customers. I’m tryna get them to buy some sauce, and a George Foreman grill. My partner in this? The 13 year old child of one of the associates. He gets to “man the grill.”
There’ll be stories…