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It Seems I’ve Been Awarded…



Well, it’s happened.

Someone appreciates me.
I was reading a blog I follow by Jeff, called This Is Why Your Hold Time Is So Long, which I am loving, because he deals with as many idiots I do all the time. Also, he has a pretty cool fiance that makes him cake because she’s indecisive. Anyway, he gave me an award. (click that funny colored word. Just do it, you get to read what he said about me! He’s a funny guy.)

This is for blogs that show “Candid Honesty.”
I fell so special! As a return, I am supposed to give the award to 3 other bloggers that I follow. Since he already gave one to shine, I am going to give it to the other two people on my list that I follow, and honestly the reason that I started blogging.
1. Mattress Police: Rob Kroese: This man is the bees knees of blogging and of candid honesty. When I first started reading funny blogs, I googled that exact thing, funny blogs, and he came up. Go there, and become an instant fan. He’s kind of paused on the blogging to write and publish a book, (which I will buy. Twice.) but check out those archives. Your funny fuse will be glad you did.
2. 15 Minute Lunch: If you want a mix of old school, almost killed a guy stories and up to date dealing with idiot stories, this is the blog for you. I started reading this one when I clicked the link off of Mattress Police. Johnny Virgil will make you laugh until you cry, then he does it again.
In all seriousness, go check out their blogs.
I’d like to thank God for this award, and for making me funny. I’d also like to thank all the idiots I come in contact with on a daily basis that give me my material. Jeff, I appreciate it much, new buddy, I wish I could buy ya a beer. If I’m ever up Milwaukee way, it’s on me.
Thank you, try the veal, tip your waitresses and good night! (pretend I typed this at night.)