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Conversations With Kid Funk.

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Another classic, and because I’m all out of blogging material. I’m rating this blog R, because it has some themes…and he’s drunk. Enjoy!

Kid Funk: I’d give a kidney for some Head Country right now.Me: Ha! What about the current value of a kidney on the black market? Cause I’ll head your way.Kid Funk: Ha! It’s for a Banquet rib dinner. That imma put on bacon grease grilled wheat berry bread. And those pork rhynes…Kid Funk: Rines…Kid Funk: Skins…Kid Funk: Chicharron…Kid Funk: Less pacitoMe: Dude. You’re gonna have your very own white trash bbq.Kid Funk: I got a bean and cheese burrito bakin too.Kid Funk: After you don’t get laid, you might as well eat barbecue.Kid Funk: I eat barbecue a lot…Me: I like how it says in big letters BONELESS PORK RIB, and then underneath in tiny letters, shaped patty meal.Kid Funk: Eh, I got an 87% chance of gettin some @ss tomorrow from a chick that doesn’t recreationally stick needles in her, so that’s cool.Me: Cool. Really cool. I’m interested though, 87%?Kid Funk: Yeah. She has an 8 year old, and a 5 year old, but she wants my fireman…Me: That equals 87? Or 85?Kid Funk: Well, that’s a 100 for wanting my fireman, then subtract 8 because I’m like, “no sh*t he’s 8.” Then subtract another 5 for , (tear tear) “Mommy you should be with daddy.”Me: Ha! If it wasn’t for the proficient use of the word “fireman” this would go on the blog!Kid Funk: Replace it with “whatever you want to.”Kid Funk: Fireman, for all I care.Kid Funk: She wants my fireman…Me: Ha! I might, I’m all out of blogging material.
(10 minutes later…) Kid Funk: Laaaaame. I got a Banquet bone…
He should really have his own blog… But! He gave me material when I needed it most!
Until next time, folks.