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TMI Thursday: Yes, I HAVE Passed Out While Peeing.

(This is it folks. It’s Thursday. And I’m baaaaaaaaack! I took a week off last week, and I’ve gained some followers in that time. So let me warn you here. These are the days where you close the browser on your computer, shake your head a little bit, and say, “What the HELL was I doing reading everything he posted?” That’s right… It’s TMI Thursday, brought to you by a blogging associate of mine named LiLu. If you want more of this garbage trash wonderfulness, click that little button of the old people having more fun than you did last night. That, my friends, is real.)TMI Thursday

I can’t really remember who reminded me of this story, but I think it was Daffy over at Batcrap Crazy. She left a comment on someones post, and it sent me flying back…

I was about 12 years old, maybe 13. I don’t remember when the problem first started, I only remember that for some time, when I woke up to take my morning pee, I had been getting kind of dizzy. Like, kind of woozy  or something. I wasn’t sure what the problem was, so I decided to ignore it, and it would probably go away.

It did not.

Enter a couple of weeks later.

I was standing at the toilet, going about my morning bidness, when I got lightheaded.

Shoosh, this wasn’t something I was unfamiliar with, so I kept giving my toilet a golden shower.

A couple seconds later…

…I am woken up by a loud crack on our tile floors, and a sudden sharp pain in my head, coupled with a very cold moist wetness around my cash and prizes.

In time, this all made sense. The crack I heard was my forehead slamming into the tile floor. The sharp pain in my head was caused by the fact that tile floors are a substantially harder object than a forehead. The cold moist wetness? Well that was because my bit an berries were laying in a urine covered section of cold tile floor.

The reason I didn’t understand it all right away?

I was unconscious during that trip to the floor.

So I did what any teenage boy would do. I rolled over a bit, made sure my junk was all back in my pants, rolled back over into the puddle, and hollered for my mother.

She came running, and needless to say, was a bit worried about her eldest son laying face down in a puddle of his own urine. Morning urine, nonetheless.

We made a trip to the doctor. Guess what I had? This:

Micturition (or post-micturition) syncope is fainting during or, more commonly, immediately after urination due to a severe drop in blood pressure. Micturition syncope is most common in older men and usually occurs at night after a deep sleep.
The exact cause of micturition syncope isn’t fully understood. But it may be related to opening (vasodilation) of the blood vessels that occurs when getting up and standing at the toilet or that occurs at the rapid emptying of a full bladder. This is thought to result in a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Yeah, something called Micturation Syncope.

The doctors solution? I should sit down when I pee from there on out.

And that, my TMI friends, is how my life has gotten easier from that day forward.