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I Promised Some Pictures…



…And now I’m going to deliever them. I’d call it a Wordless Friday, but it doesn’t have the same ring as Wordless Wednesday, and also, well, I’ve used words.

Anytext, here you go. I’ve also included a little something for Ed, may his tiny vas deferens rest in peace.


This next one goes out to Ginger Mandy, who is trying to start a LOLFetus craze.


This next picture is quite edgy, but I promised it to some of my “chatty” readers. Also, before you white people get too worked up about me being a “racist,” I’d like to say that I sent this to a black person last night, and she said, and I quote, “I laughed. Then I felt kind of bad for laughing.”

So there.


And finally, the last and maybe the least funny of them all. But I couldn’t resist.


Also, I really think you should go HERE and watch this video. Now, I’m not gonna lie. While I don’t consider it blasphemy, I think it’s treading water in the kiddie pool next to the blaspheme pool. Anyway, it was done by my buddy Moog over at Mental Poo. If you like the video, go check him out. He’s a wicked funny guy, and he always leaves comments about how he’ll sleep with your wife.

(Writer’s note: The black person I asked was Zan. She’s a follower of mine, and I want to thank her for her honesty and service. Also, I want to give a shout out to Moog for getting me started on the whole de-motivational poster thing. ALSO, start making LOLFetus photos and send them to Ginger Mandy!)