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Getting You Through The Weekend.



I’ve got some random things here to get you through the weekend. I won’t be around much, kids, because daddy has to work late.

First things first, because he’s my homie.

Kid Funk is on iTunes. That’s right, he is. Just search for “A Morning Grey” and he will pop up. He’d also like me to tell you that every time his song is downloaded, a tree is planted, because he’s a philanthropist like that. He’s blowin up, y’all. And if you think I won’t use his future stardom to promote the heck outta this blog, you’re wrong.

Here is a link to his Myspace Music page. 


You may have heard about this video contest going on over at Lee’s place for her soap. I made a commercial, and so did Moog, Ed, and Corrie. Here’s the thing. A month or so ago, things were ROUGH at the Sloat household. Real rough. So rough, we didn’t really have enough money for groceries. Now, I know I could stand to skip a few meals, but we didn’t really want to do that. However, Corrie had a contest for a comment her son made, and I wound up winning it, using, by my standards, what I call “dirty pool.” I won a $50 gift card, which honestly helped us make it through the month, and my faithful voters were supposed to be rewarded. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, and I honestly don’t see it happening anytime real soon. So, in the meantime, I want you to go vote for Corrie in this contest. Her kid made a commercial, and she promised him the $50 prize money for it if he won. Since I have the most LOYAL followers ever, I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem, is it? 🙂 Just click the word “Lee’s” up at the top of this rant, then vote in the sidebar. Thanks guys!

Oh, and buy some soap while you’re at it?

And lastly, I have some pictures for you.


I was looking through some gadgets for Blogger the other day, when I ran across this gem. Seriously? Bella Swan quotes? Geez, I need to get this up on my page right away so y’all don’t miss one more days worth of sage advice from this vampire loving emo chick with a penchant for werewolves. Seriously. But yeah. Blogger? You might want to just take this off the list.

Next picture:


That’s right. Think about this tonight and all weekend, ladies. It could be you that I’m hammering. Yeah…

And finally, this is a little something I made you to tide you over just in case that last picture wasn’t enough.


Have a good weekend, folks. Now go vote!