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I Just Can’t Apologize For This…



No. It’s not about Obamacare.

I swear.
It IS about me being a horrible blog buddy this week.
I haven’t been posting, I haven’t been commenting near as much as I should be, and I haven’t been reading all of you.
That’s my bad, but you won’t get an I’m sorry out of me.
“Why? Why won’t you apologize you fat lazy bastard? You come around here with your funny and droll comments, get all my readers hooked on them, and then just disappear?! I won’t tolerate it! I am going to cut your blogs throat!”
Calm down, killer. You want to know why?
Well, because of this:
And this:
And this:

That’s right, that’s my niece, Briley Ann. The absolute most cutest baby ever, and yes, that includes your baby. And your damn cat. Your cat doesn’t count. It’s not cute. It’s sad. And you’re sad.
So anyway, I won’t apologize.
However, I will say thank you.
Thank you for your prayers, your good thoughts, your well wishes, all of it. Because of your support and the support of SO many people, Briley came through surgery like a champ, and she’s going to wind up getting to go home earlier than expected. Instead of 4 weeks in the hospital, they think it will just be a week if she will “latch.”
That’s nipple talk.
Yeah. I still threw a little TMI Thursday action at you.
I’ll be back with an official giveaway post tomorrow, and you’re gonna love me for it. Especially if you love light.
Now excuse me, I have to show everyone in the school these pictures.