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There are, of course, things that were left out of my novella on Tuesday. This post will serve as sort of a “fill the gaps” measure, just in case someone has come to this page or this blog looking for information about adopting.We actually chose the state adoption process instead of the private adoption process because of several different reasons. The first, quite honestly, was money. For a private adoption, most agencies want to see $30-40,000 in your bank account before they’ll even get started. As I’ve said to many people, if we’d have had that kind of money, we would have spent it trying to get The Missus pregnant. There are also about three thousand kids in Oklahoma without families. Most of those will “age out” of the system, never having a family except their foster family, which may or may not include three or four other foster kids. We felt like we wanted to put a dent (however small) in that number.One of the low points for me personally was going to an “Adoption Party.” I blogged about this previously, so I won’t go into detail, but it was terrible. It was literally the worst point of the whole process for me. I know they throw those parties so that families can interact with kids on sort of a neutral playing ground, but it was completely disheartening for me, and honestly made me want to quit the entire adoption process.There were also two twin boys from Kansas that we looked at. It turns out if you are approved to adopt in Oklahoma, there are other states you can look at. We didn’t think Oklahoma was moving fast enough for us at one point, so we started looking in Kansas and found these two boys. We sent in an application, and got word back that the application was one day too late. That was a crushing blow that made The Missus want to quit. We simply couldn’t handle the rejection, and we thought there would be many more circumstances like that.The whole process, training to finalization, lasted a little over one year. I know of families who have waited several years without getting a child and are continuously being rejected. Some of that is the fact that most families want babies. The Missus and I prayed about that, and both realized that a baby could come later, and decided to go with older children. The decision to go with siblings was also mutual, we both sort of figured if we were getting one we might as well get two, what’s the difference? Neither of us have regretted that for a second.The Home Interviews were tough. We had a lady who constantly canceled on us, and always wanted to reschedule. She was very unprofessional, and really didn’t want to do any work at all during the month of December. I heard it said the other day that December is like the Friday of the months, and I couldn’t agree more. When we were calling the lawyer’s office to get the finalization taken care of, the first answer we got was, “Well, December is a pretty busy month…” Trying to get work done in December is almost impossible.For those that just won’t be satisfied until I say something about it…yes, there are monetary benefits for adopting from the state. Both of our children will have free insurance until they are eighteen, unless we elect to have them covered by our personal insurance. Daycare is free until they are seven, and each of them receive a stipend every month that grows progressively until they turn eighteen. To give you somewhat of an idea, if we start saving that money for them when they turn ten, (which is the plan) then they each will have about $30,000 to put towards college educations and the like. That is of course with accrued interest.One of the high points for both of us was going to see Akeeli’s dance recital. We got to pick them both up, take them to the recital, and then spent the afternoon with them eating at Pizza Hut and playing in a park. For me, that was the day when I truly got emotionally attached. I remember pulling out of the foster mom’s driveway and back on to the highway heading for home, and my heart ached at the thought of leaving them both in hands other than ours. And as an aside, I will say this about foster parents: for the most part, they are better people than me. I couldn’t do what they do. I understand not all of them are good people, but this one was.Then of course, driving to pick them up, borrowing my brother’s huge diesel truck to pack all their stuff in, and praying it wouldn’t rain on us on the way back. I convinced them both on the way home that there was little man inside of the PikePass that wore blue pants and red shirt, and he waved at the tollbooth operators and they let us through because he was so nice. I fed this little guy peanuts and ice water, and he was very happy.Seeing The Missus adapt to motherhood the way a duck adapts to water and knowing that when I had a choice to make a few years back I made the right one. I’ve always said she needed more people to love than just me, and I stick by that today.Hearing Akeeli say “I love you” for the first time. Lord have mercy, that one broke me. Aven said it quickly, almost a conditioned response to us saying, as if it was expected. Keeli was different though. It took a while. But when she said it…wow.Keeli also says the sweetest things without even knowing she says them. I posted something on Facebook a while back about how when she was faced with the choice of getting a necklace with “A” for Akeeli or “S” for Sloat, she picked the “S.” When she told that to me, I held it together long enough to get back to our bedroom, and I lost it. I thanked God for the blessings he gave us.If you’re still reading this and you are wondering how we managed to get through this whole ordeal, I can tell you. Obviously, we are a Christian family who believes God has had this planned for a while now, and who believes that he truly wants the best for us. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by a group of friends and family who believe the same.Our Sunday School Class – I can’t even begin to thank these people enough. When we started this process, they were there to surround us in prayer and encouragement. When things got tough, they just loved us. They didn’t offer false comforts, and they didn’t try to understand what was going on. They just loved us. That group of human beings is probably the most awesome to come together since Matchbox 20.Family – Our families have been nothing but supportive. We were concerned that an adopted child wouldn’t really be seen as part of the family. Nothing has been proven more wrong. Both of our families have adapted splendidly, and love our children just as much as we do.Personal Friends – There is a quote from Elbert Hubbard that says, “A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.” The Missus and I are very fortunate to have several of these people in our lives. Just being able to call someone and gripe about the stupid state, or the stupid DHS, or the stupid People, Inc. has had a huge impact on us keeping our sanity through this whole ordeal. Again, all of these are people who just shut up and loved us, and we can’t express our appreciation enough.Blog Friends – Believe it or not, there have been several blog buddies that have soldiered through this with us. I have made friends for life in this giant online world where so often maintaining a reputation precedes maintaining relationships. Lauren, Ed, and Jeff are some special ones that I’ll never forget. Along with those, I want to make a special mention. When we moved the children in, I was contacted by someone named Kristin. Kristin runs the blogOnly Parent Chronicles. Kristin and I have been blog buddies for a while now, and I can say this; I knew she was a genuinely nice person who has been though hell and back in just about all aspects of her life. When Kristin got in touch with me, she asked me a few questions and then a few days later a “care package” showed up for the kids. This blew my mind. It reminded me of why I ever picked up blogging to begin with. People make fun of me for having “Internet friends,” but I can assure you, these are all real friends, and I thank them.That’s all for now, I’m absolutely certain I left someone out, and if I did, remind me and you’ll probably wind up getting your own post. On this day last year, I sat down at a computer, and I typed my very first blog. Prior to that, I had been reading Johnny Virgil over at 15 Minute Lunch, Diesel over at Mattress Police, and Shine over at Shine Out Loud, and I decided that since they were making people laugh, I would too.

So I created this little slice of heaven. Few of you probably remember my original layout. It was really gay. I won this new thing in a contest, one of many things I’ve won.

Let’s review a couple of things that have happened in that year.

1. My very first blog follower was Statgirl, although Jeff over at Bad Monsters joined real quickly.
2. My blog started attracting Google searchers when I wrote a post about Birthday Sex
3. Tamara from Cheapskate Mom found me when she Googled that song for a post, then I won her caption contest, further increasing my follower count.
4. I got pissed when I couldn’t get over 50 followers and vowed to you that I wouldn’t be concerned with it anymore. I lied. I now have 258. I want more, dammit. Tell your friends. Now. Seriously. Do it.
5. I’ve had 5 jobs in the last year…you’ve heard about them all.
6. I started Memoir Monday in August of last year, and I’ve slacked on it here lately. It will come back, I promise.
7. I learned that racism in Kentucky doesn’t get you near as many comments as a good poop story.
8. I joined the ranks of TMI hosted by LiLu, and further increased my traffic.
9. Kid Funk got a blog…then neglected it like my last 4 fish.
10. I FINALLY got Shine and Johnny Virgil to comment on a post. Still waiting for Diesel.
11. I’ve shown you all more than once that I still have daddy issues.
12. I introduced you to The Missus
13. I’ve won about $200 worth of stuff over the past year.
14. I tried to write a novel in a month
15. I encountered the great diet epic fail of ’10
16. My popularity peaked at 56 comments…on a poop story
17. I told the entire blog community I have a small penis, prompting Shine to have a weird conversation with a co-worker
18. I WOUND UP ON THE TYRA BANKS SHOW. Thanks once again to Tamara at Cheapskate Mom.
19. I tried out for The Biggest Loser…and failed…
20. …but I really won, because when I started blogging one year ago today, I weighed in at 370 pounds. This Sunday when I weigh in, the scale is going to say under 300, and I’m throwing a party. You’re invited.
21. I participated in a real life blog get together called TAR in St. Louis.

Over the last year I have made friends and lost friends, both real and virtual, and it has been one hell of a ride. I’d like to say this would go on forever, but unfortunately that’s not possible. I have chosen the one year anniversary of my blog to tell you that I’m shutting this place down.

Naw. I’m just yankin ya. I gots shit going on right now, folks. That’s why I’m so slow on posting. But right now, we’re trying to get The Missus pregnant, we both have new jobs, we’re both losing weight, we’re trying to exercise, and really, the blogging world has me pretty jaded right now. I’ll be back though, and in the meantime I’m trying to pump just enough posts into this thing to keep it afloat. I did the same thing to your mother that one time we were stranded at sea.


Seriously though, I love you all, and this has been one hell of a ride. I look forward to what the next year brings, and it damn well better bring me smaller titties.

Stay up.

That’s what she said.


This is a conversation with The Missus that I had the other day on IM.

TM: I’m back.
Me: Yay! The Youngest and I are trying to jailbreak my Ipod.
TM: What does that even mean?
Me: I am still not sure, but it’s cool!
TM: Okay, I mean, I understand doing that to an IPhone so it will work on other networks, but just the Ipod?
Me: This is different. It gets you in the setup and what not.
TM: What do you need in the setup for?
Me: It’s a long story, but I’ll get free music!
TM: How?
Me: I’m not real sure. The Youngest says so though, and that’s good enough for me.
TM: Yeah, and listening to The Youngest is a sure fire way to get things done.
Me: The Youngest is tellin me about almost getting caught by a cop, doing it with a girl at Honor Heights.
TM: Dang it, I thought The Youngest was still a good kid.
Me: Naw.
TM: That kinda hurts my heart.
Me: HA!
TM: So how does it feel to be the only brother to graduate high school with his V card?
Me: Cheap shot!

Conversation with Kid Funk:

KF: Sin is sin!
Me: Right. I know that. Hell, I also know that if I ask forgiveness, He’ll forget about it. That’s wicked cool. Jesus is a pretty cool guy.
KF: Yeah, but He talks in red.
Me: I would too, iffen people had nailed me to a tree for just tryna make the world cooler and get em into Heaven.
KF: Jews…
Me: Right? I have like 95 Jew followers.
KF: Who are you, Blog Moses?
Me: I might be. Someone made a Moses reference the other day. I need a staff.
KF: A really strong one.
Me: I need to learn how to talk majestically too. In a way that gets me millions of followers with lame ass attitudes that aren’t ever happy.
KF: Now you sound like Blog Obama.
Me: Hey, I’m trailblazin.

Also, the other day I met Lauren, from over at (Mis)Adventures In Theatre! She was on a road trip from Montana to North by God Carolina, and she happened to drive through my neck of the woods! We had a wonderful visit in an IHOP, because I’m classy like that.

She is a great person, a great blogger, and she was even more fun to hang out with! It just really makes me want to go on a “Blog Tour” and meet all or most of my bloggy buds. Maybe one day.

Below is a picture!

Hope y’all enjoyed this little Saturday post, and I’ll see you back tomorrow maybe for a “Most Embarrassing Songs On My Ipod” type thing. Maybe. Enjoy your weekend!