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The Fisher of Stories




I’ve been a bad bloggy friend, and I know this.

The first step is to admit it, right?

Anydoucher, I’ve decided that the reason that (some of) you people are blatantly ignoring the comment section on my blog is because I’ve stopped replying to them, like a gracious blogger should.

So I’ve decided to change that. From now on, if you comment on my blog, you will get a reply. The only thing is, I don’t know what to do. Should I post the replies in groups as a comment? Or should I hit each person back with an email?

I need your help, peeps. Let me know what you think.

This is NOT a hand out looking for comments, Mandy

Also, just to let everyone know, SIGH, tomorrow is the day for our Tyra show to air. It will be on at 4 PM CST, and our segment is the first 10 minutes of the show. For the record, they make me look like an evil doucher, just so you know.

The Memoir Monday next week will be all about our experiences on the show. Speaking of Memoir Monday, y’all really kicked me in the nuts this week. We had 4 people play along. I guess if attendance doesn’t improve, I’ll cut the meme like a second string field goal kicker. That’s real.

So let me know. Public reply or private?

Lately some people have been doing caption contests.

This is kind of like that.

I just need your comment. The funniest one, wins. And no this isn’t related to my funniest comment of the week game.

This is a picture of the reading material currently in my little brother’s (The Groom) bathroom.


What does this say to you?

Can I get 50 comments on this, people?


(***Update: I didn’t friggin hit Save Changes. That’s why it hasn’t changed so much. Also, Ad, I love you too. I promise.)

Ed over at Ed’s Funny Pages has been bitching at me to get a new comment system so he can leave comments on my blog whilst he is at work.

I’ve done it, Ed!

I also took out the word verification, but if I get spammed, so help me I will drag you all out into the street and beat you with a sack of oranges and a copy of The King James version of the Bible.

That’s real.

For serious though, check it out, and let me know your thoughts. Is it easier? Is it harder? (TWSS)

Iffen I get mixed feelings, we may even have to have a good ol fashioned rigged election.

I’m just sayin. Ed leaves funny comments, and his vote may carry a lot of weight. Kind of like my torso.

Sleep easy, y’all.

(Except you, Zan. Geez. Always commenting in the middle of the night. Whaddaya live on the other side of the world or somethin?)

Zan: I’m totally kidding. I love you. Let’s get married.

The Missus: I’m totally kidding about marrying her. I love only you.

Zan: I’m totally kidding with The Missus. You’re the only one for me.

The Missus: Naw baby, you know I just love you. Just tryna make my readers feel good. Aww… Baby, don’t be like that. Come here. I want to lick your ears. Just like we used to. Atta girl… Don’t it feel so right? Geez. They’re still reading this? Baby, close the door. I’ve got the Boyz 2 Men CD. We may make it to the second track tonight. I’m feelin it. That’s real.